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Premium Pipes, Pipe Tobacco, & SmoKing Accessories

Gettysburg Cigar Co. knows that not everyone enjoys a good cigar, so we cater to pipe smokers and others, as well. You'll find an excellent assortment of pipe tobacco, pipes, and smoking accessories for all kinds of smokers inside our store.

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Pipe Tobacco

Our shelves hold more than 100 different premium pipe tobaccos for you to indulge in. Brands include:

  • Mac Baren
  • Peterson
  • 4th Generation
  • Villager

Tobacco Pipes

Get the best experience with a luxury tobacco pipe. We have prices ranging from $30 to $300, and we even offer a range of period-correct pipes that are just like those a soldier would have used on the battlefields of the Civil War, as well as corn cob pipes and the Church Warden pipe. Pipe makers include:

  • Peterson
  • Lorenzetti
  • BC
  • Stanwell
  • Big Ben

Tobacco Accessories

In addition to our selection of pipe tobacco and cigars, we also carry nasal snuff and a wide range of tobacco accessories. You'll find humidification devices for your cigars, including humidors and travel humidors. You'll also find everything else you need for a good smoke, including cutters, and the finest lighters from Zippo and Xikar. We also have Smoke-Out and Odor-Out candles for those who don't like the lingering smell of smoke.